Evening Recital Series

General admission $20 at the door. Seating is limited. Contact Steve Kostelnik at 512.659.7912 or texasclassicalguitarcamp@gmail.com

TCGC Evening Recital Series. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School, Helm Fine Arts Center recital hall. Building N http://www.sstx.org/ftpimages/580/download/campusMap.pdf Directions to St.Stephen’s https://www.sstx.org/page/directions

Sunday June 9th, 7pm: Joseph Palmer

Monday June 10th, 7pm: Andrew Zohn

Tuesday June 11th, 7pm: Celil Refik Kaya

Wednesday June 12th, 7pm: Isaac Bustos

Thursday June 13th, 7pm: Grisha Goryechev

Friday June 14th, 7pm: Adam Holzman